Low Moisture Soil Extraction System vs. Steam Cleaning

Basic Method
for Cleaning
Thousands of tiny Air Cells, masses of air surrounded by a microscopically thin sandwich of detergent, water and more detergent, are gently scrubbed into the carpet. These Air-Cells create a unique cleaning environment, containing 90% air and only 10% detergent and water, that overcomes gravity to hold soil in suspension for immediate extraction.
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High pressure jets spray a solution of hot water and detergent into the carpet to loosen the soil. Some of the cleaning solution and soil are then extracted by means of a built-in suction method.
Drying Time
1 hour
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24+ hours
Environmentally safe?
  • Air Cell detergents are biodegradable.
  • Very little water is used.
  • Machines are easily transported in a small hybrid car.
  • Green Seal Certified.
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  • Requires many gallons of water to clean a carpet.
  • Most require trucks to transport equipment and idle during cleaning.
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Varies. Most cleaning solutions are non-toxic, but not all. Check with your specific provider.
Safe For All
Types of Carpet?
Yes, including "stain resistant" nylon, wool, and other synthetic fibers.
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  • No.
  • Unless you’re working with a very experienced company, it is easy for carpets to become overly saturated resulting in discoloration, shrinkage, splitting seams, de-lamination, and mildew growth.
  • Hot water can remove "stain resist" properties from carpet.

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